Better Together

I just want someone to stand up and take my hand and say, “Come on Sister- let’s do this together” with complete authenticity. I need the sisters who say, “Yes! I am a Christian, but I mess up every single day”.

I’m talking about the everyday struggles: My own will at war with the Spirit that lives in me through Christ; the pull to just go with things that surround me in this world because it’s easier to just smile and nod (and the feeling of isolation when I don’t).

Let’s talk about balancing truth and love. Or the feelings of being so blissfully happy at the core of my marriage, but still struggling in the everyday. How about the struggle of being all kinds of proud and so full of love for my kids, yet aching at how lost and deceived and entitled they have become? The truth of this life lies in all these in-betweens. There are rarely seasons that are completely wonderful or all struggle.

Then there’s the whole other ball of wax when the struggle is really tough. I want to talk about the beauty of the pain in the process. The learning, the growing, the healing. I want to talk about the really hard and unfair parts when we put God first and do it God’s way, yet things don’t look the way we think they should. I want to talk through the peace and the blessing on the other side of the pain when we stay the course.

I want to get real and talk about how even when we are on the hurt side of a relationship; we are not usually blameless in the breakdown. I want to embrace the growth and life that is breathed into what seemed dead when we own our part in the problem because that’s when God takes over and his presence becomes palatable.

I want to share the joys, too. I want to celebrate the milestones. Let’s applaud each other’s victories and break throughs.

I think a lot of other ladies want this, too. We were not created to do this life alone. So I am reaching out my hand with an offer of complete authenticity to say, “Come on Sister-let’s do this together”.

Let us consider how we may encourage one another on

toward love and to do good deeds

Hebrews 10:24

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